Hunt of migrants in Paris

Migrant-hunt is on again After evacuating the camp set in front of the Halle Pajol, the 19th district police chief had started a migrant hunt in front of the FTDA’s office (France Terre d’Asile) and Saint Bernard church, which had ended with several refused asylum seekers expelled and some tents destroyed (OQTF are people who have been asked to leave : Obligation de Quitter le Territoire Français) . This article will be updated to show how difficult it is for migrants to just stop somewhere on the street, let their bag down and sleep, when they are not being offered any shelter.


Sunday July 31st: escalation of violence

A line was crossed by the police. On Sunday night at around 11pm over a dozen riot squad vehicles stopped by the Avenue de Flandre. After several warnings and with no negotiating possible, they charged towards the migrants and some supporters who had come there to settle overnight on the pavement. Here is the evidence: . Fatima Siwani. “What’s happening right now on avenue de Flandre is horrible. Some refugees have even passed out!” (Video ) .


  • Simon Bittmann


  • Fatima Siwani

C terrible ce qui se passe en ce moment à avenue Flandre dans le 19ème! Des réfugiés ont même perdu connaissances ! 😔

  • Paula Palacios (Aljazeera journalist)

Tonight, police came again in HUGE numbers; CRS. They tried to evict an improvised refugee camp in Stalingrad, Paris 75019. without success. Most refugees were from Sudan and Ethiopia, there were pregnant women among them. There were 2 blessed people taken to hospital by ambulances. These people have nowhere to go, some of them are in the streets of Paris for months and the Government gives no other solution than bringing the police. When I asked, “where will they go now” the police replied, “to their countries!” ‪#‎aljazeera‬ ‪#‎refugeemothersseries‬ ‪#‎refugees‬ .


  • Marine Maluenda


  • Florence Roy

” This evening, near Jaurès tube station, about a hundred riot squad police has charged into refugees and their supporters. One refugee was trampled over. Batons, convulsions… So far: 15 injured. They are coming back. Help.”

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Thursday July 28th 2016

After a three day respite, police repression continues! This time over a hundred migrants are being taken into police buses to be controlled at the police station. Others are forbidden to go back to the central reservation: they have got to disappear!

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Monday July 25th 2016

Migrants are gathering on that same central reservation. But the police is back again in the afternoon to make them leave. When I arrive at 4:45pm, the reservation is empty and four police officers in civilian clothes want to remove migrants situated lower down the same street. When I intervene, first to ask for a proper and polite form of address when talking to the migrants, one policeman rapidly gets irritated. They let me contact a few people for the couples, including a 4months pregnant lady. Another patrol arrives. At that same time it starts raining heavily. The migrants go get shelter in the entrance hall of a building that a resident has opened. When the rain stops, the police is gone and the migrants go back to the same spot. In the evening the police comes back with 3 cars and a dozen men. After trying intimidating the migrants by asking them to leave, the police speaks to the supporters. Finally after a 30 minute wait and a discussion with a person in charge (I can’t tell the grade), they authorise the migrants to sleep there near Jaurès station


Sunday 24th July 2016

Since the Jaurès camp was evacuated, the hunt is on again. It started yesterday when supporters who wanted to organise a picnic at the Buttes Chaumont were refused access to the park by the 19th district police chief. No possible negotiation, when it was only a picnic! Then the migrants ended up on a small patch in front of the Jaurès tube station. Here is Agathe being interviewed: